Monday, November 21, 2016

Best Paid Android Apps List 2017

Hello guys we are back with a new bunch of Smartphone are you will love to watch and play with. Yes, these are going to outstand from the normal ones from the web but we have found that while free android applications are doing .well, Paid android applications are said to be doing much better than those because of their support features which are sure to pay you of their cost. So, lets discuss few of the best paid android applications which have been duding really well and many millions of users have given a positive response. Note: This list is and constitute of best android applications in paid category.

1. MineCraft Pocket Edition

Aloha guys one of the best PC games has reached on to your pocket for just $5-6.Thsi game is all about building and placing blocks to construct your surroundings and make your game. This edition constitutes survival and creative’s modes with super graphic mode to take you on high adventure. You can use Infinite worlds; build caves, more villages and lots more to make your game much more interesting. More than 10 millions download over Google PlayStore.

2. PowerAmp Full Version Unlocker

One of the best music applications now is available for just $1 over Google PlayStore.It makes you feel relax with its intensive music integration and hell all of that only for just $1 which is really amazing. SO, when you buy the unlocker all the feature updates will be available for free with no additional costs. It is a really dedicated music player with no ads anywhere over it.9It has been installed more than 4.9 million times.

3. Card Wars – Adventure Times

If you love to be a magician or witch then you got to have to this android application game which allows you to play cards and cast spells according to that. Spelling the casts you have to drive yourself to the victory point. You can buy it for just $1 over Google PlayStore.It has three combat modes to fit yourself in. It has been installed more than 500k times from Google PlayStore.It will run over android version 2.3.3.

4. Nova Launcher Prime 

Nova launcher prime has been one of the best android launcher prime for time and makes it upfront on 4th item on this list. This prime version is really different from the normal and free version which includes gestures, unread counts, custom drawer groups, hide apps, icon swipes and more scroll effects. It is available on Google PlayStore for $ 3-4 and has been installed more than 5 million times. 

5. Afterlight 

Afterlight is a perfect photography application which cans easily it your pictures and makes them more enhancing. It has 15 adjustment tools, 59 Filters, 66 Textures, cropping and transformation features which can convert your normal picture to high quality ones with graphic enhancement. It is available for less than $1 on Google PlayStore and has been installed 100k times from play store.


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