Thursday, December 15, 2016

How to Block Ads on Latest Android Apps

So, are you a Android Smartphone users and willing to explore the web with no interruption due to advertisements which halt your enjoyment over the Web, Yes, this has been a major problem for android users which has been accompany  their enjoyment and halt it. Do you really thing blocking advertisement is essential then I would answer that blocking ads are very important because Smartphone has become one of the secondary sources to meet advertiser’s requirements and leads and this is the reason why there have been such great extent of  ads been showing on ads everywhere.

Do you really thing blocking ads important?

Android Smartphone users generally use browsers to browse and surf various websites like YouTube, music download website which generally have many ads accompanied with them. Some of the websites have a great extent of ads placed one every corner of the website to get s many leads and click from the visitors and trap them. SO, in such case we have to be very careful.

So, how can we block ads?

Here comes my solution for this big problem of ads being show on all over websites. We will be using the free add on available for browser which is called “Add Block’ application which is very useful even for PC and other operating systems.

This application is so good that if we enable it for every website then it will make it no ads to appear over it, the websites would look very clear and neat with no disturbing ads.

We can install it form their website directly. Go to their website and click install over the button. Then the application will be automatically be downloaded form the website and after the download is completed we can click on the install button on your Smartphone. Then, you have you give permission to install the application on your Smartphone and it will be installing over your Smartphone OS.

Now, you also get a have to whether choose to show ads over a website or not. You can choose disable   ads or enable over any website separately.


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