Friday, December 16, 2016

How to Check Android Update for My Smartphone

Most of the Smartphone users are now using the world’s fastest and best operating system :”Android” which is a part of Google. Google though was not the original creator of Android, but they bought it from its makers and made it a huge success which is now a sizzling buzz in world technology. So, as we all know Google is also keen on update its Android framework too often. They update it sometimes 2 times a year and which is really appreciated by its users.

So, now you might wonder how you can check any update is available for your Smartphone. This becomes necessary as users have not updated their Smartphone and make it much faster. Even bugs and issues get resolved due to OS updates. So, let’s discuss about it now

So the most general method sued for updating any Smartphone android version is to do it through our Smartphone manually.

  1. Firstly you have to power your phone on and then steadily navigate yourself to the menu. 
  2. Now make your access to the menu area where we have to select the settings option which is most probably present on first few pages of menu.
  3. After you enter to the setting section, you have to click on the ABOUT PHONE button which wills be available to the bottom of the list. 
  4. Now after you enter ABOUT PHONE , it will shows you all the information related to your Smartphone which include the model number ,the android framework your Smartphone is running on and also the build & version number.
  5. So, finally click on the “SYSTEM UPDATES” while having internet connection or WIFI which will enable your Smartphone to look up for any android update available for your Smartphone.
  6. Most of the Smartphone companies now are notifying the users to update their framework but if you do to receive any message from them you can check your Smartphone’s official website to make sure whether any update is available or not. 
Note that every update will consume certain amount of disk space which will vary according to the update.


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