Saturday, December 17, 2016

HTC Butterfly 2 Release Date and Price

HTC Butterfly 2 is going to be the finest Smartphone series by HTC along with 820 which is going to available soon. Yes, we have already come across the previous HTC Butterfly 1 which did pretty well with sales.

HTC Butterfly Release Date?

When will be HTC butterfly 2 is available in the markets or just pre order is the main question now. SO, the market status is till unavailable as HTC has not confirmed when it will be available for pre orders online. But they have announced the release date which is on 30-12-2014.SO; it will be in the fall when we can receive the butterfly 2.

What will be the price of Butterfly 2?

HTC butterfly is going to be one of the best late fall android Smartphone with a base price set to be 50k INR. So, the base price is too high as rumored but it is not yet decides by HTC officially. I would advise you all you wait for their call to announce their Price date for HTC butterfly 2.
Key features of HTC butterfly 2
Android KitKat V.4.4
5.0 inch screen display with screen resolution of 1080*1920
Quad Core Processor at a clock speed of 2.5 GHz.
Wifi and 3G feature enabled along with 2 GB RAM
5 Megapixel secondary and 13 Megapixel primary cameras
16 Gigabytes of internal flash storage and an expendable memory SD card slot up o 32 Gigabytes
2700 mAH,Li-ion capacity which is pretty durable.

So, we are now familiar with all the features of this upcoming HTC flagship Smartphone but do you want to know what are the pros and cons of it. Then, you have to read our pin point Pros and cons of Htc Butterfly 2.


Pretty durable Battery which can hold for long with battery capacity of 2700 Mah,Li-ion.
Large screen size of 5 inch
Robust and powerful configuration
Smart processor and superb camera feature
Well designed and eloquently made
HTC butterfly 2 is pretty well made Smartphone with such robust configuration making it a good upcoming mobile this year.


Its well made but the only con I found it is too expensive. 49K INR price is too much.


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