Wednesday, December 21, 2016

LG Watch R Android Gear Complete Review

LG Watch R is one of the best round wearable smart watches by LG Company. So, are you looking for anything which can outrun he android wear market completely then you might chose this Watch R BY LG which is really good looking with awesome design and features. While the Korean company changed the design from square to round to make it much better than moto 360.

So, there is nothing much more we can say about this wonderful watch which is complete OLED plastic designed body of 1.3 inch. So, the thing which makes Moot 360 be outturned by LG Watch R is that it’s completely covering the round screen provided to meter the full phase of the design while Moot 360 leaves bottom blackstrap making it looks bit ugly.

We all are looking for its debut which is going to take place in Berlin in the IFA 2014 Berlin tech show. It will take place in the first week of September.


It comes with a 1.3 inch round screen design with ALOED technology making it look much attractive then previous square design and much even beat Motorola’s Moot 360.It will have stainless steel quality to ensure steel not be rusted for along long time and with replaceable leather belts. It has display resolution of 320*320 pixels.

Every device has to run with a outstanding speed and this one runs one 1.3 Ghz snapdragon 400 processor making I much faster and with less crashes.

Battery life

Yeah, her3e come s the most anticipated thing we are looking in for android wears that will they be able to stand for longer tike or just dumb you like Smartphone for this ear does. It has 410 Mah Battery support.

Do we really need any watch which does not provide us any new or additional features then yes we wound; never like any watch of that kind but LG Gear R gives us a 4 Gigabytes of Internal memory. Even 4 Gigabytes is much for android wear watch while some of the Smartphone’s are not even supporting much like 4 GB but never the less and 512 MB RAM.

Is it water resistant?

Yes, it is absolutely water resistant and it can be dip into 1 meter of water for almost 30 minutes and dust proof.

What can be the price and date of release of this watch?

Sorry to say but even we have not received any information regarding these questions. But we have been notified that all the release date and price range of the android wear by LG will be soon announced on the next event in Berlin. 

Almost everyone might be wondering and questioning whether Moot 360 will make impact better than LG Watch R. Then its unpredicted able to say because Moot 360 is also strong competitor which is available for just $249 as rumored and might give tough competition at sales. Anyway I will be buying LG Watch R as I love LG much than Motorola.


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