Friday, December 30, 2016

Nokia’s HERE Map for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Android

Good news for everyone who loved the most famous application by Nokia which is none other than Nokia HERE Maps which have never been released for any of the android version Smartphone’s till date .Samsungs and Nokia have now discussed and announced that they will be soon releasing the beta version of HERE Maps for Android version which will be coming on very first Samsung galaxy smart phones.

So you might wonder that this new deal was made under Microsoft control but I would clear that this deal was made by the other part of Nokia which wasn’t sold to Microsoft and have made this successful deal to release it over android very soon.

We have not confirmed any further release date of the full version of Here Maps for Android over other Smartphone’s other than Samsung while it is made clear that Samsung Galaxy owners will soon be releasing this new application and can start using it.

Why to choose HERE maps over Google Maps

I would rather prefer to use HERE Maps than Google Maps because Here Maps provide me more number of features which Google maps cannot. It has feature and ability to excel itself into the parts where Google maps can’t even see or show on maps. It is very easy to understand and even newbie’s can understand it very quickly.

While Google Maps only support online feature and cannot be run on offline without any internet connection, you can run HERE Mps on offline which is now supported in around 95 – 200 countries according to Nokia details but it will be expanded quickly. Users can also get live traffic information which is supported by 40 countries. You can visit HERE.Com and know more about the application and its support.

The last bothering question everyone might be getting is when Nokia will be releasing HERE Maps for other Smartphone which are supported by Android. Nokia has announced that it will be releasing it for all android smart phones by the end of the year while now only Galaxy users would receive the app. 


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