Monday, January 23, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specifications and complete review

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Is set to release In India in the month of December as announced by Samsung in a press meet. So, this time Samsung has brought something much better to the market place and this device can over flow their sales just like Moto E did for Motorola. Galaxy Note 4 will be succeeding Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was released on September 4, 2013.The gap between both the successors will be more than a year and Samsung said that they are happy to bring Galaxy Note 4 into the market which cheered up their fans as well. As we all know how well Samsung is doing with the S series and the recent S5 debut few months back was really an anticipated one.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still not released in the market and is having no market status now but the sales might do better than the previous Galaxy Note 3.It will be price atleast 48k INR as rumored and price might vary but not much.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a 5.7 inch Multi AMOLED touch screen sensitive device which is similar to its predecessor Galaxy Note 3 .It is well built and robust configured Samsung device with many security sensors and most the eye catching part is the screen display. Being such big it can be viewed in three sided overlap display which is really good for viewing videos, picture in any way. Pictures and the videos can be viewed and captured in QHD mode because it such great HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

What Processor Does It Run On

Processor and OS specifications
Galaxy Note 4 is actually Phablet which is running on the lattes Android version 4.4.4 KitKat.It runs on a octa-core Qualcomm processor and 4 bit chipset, so you’re Smartphone is really strong under the hood with 4 GBRAM which gives you good performance.

Camera, Storage and Battery Performance of Galaxy Note 4

In Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you will be having an internal storage of 32 Gigabytes and an expandable memory up to 64 Gigabytes. The main camera is of 16 Megapixels with autofocus feature while the secondary camera is 3.7 Megapixels with LED Flash technology. It is loaded with many camera features making your picture go boom. It has a battery capacity of 3220 mAH, Li-ion.

Does It Have Any Scanner along with it?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has few set of Scanner namely Finger print and Iris scanner which are really good and can be sued generously.

So what are the bad in Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

The answer is quite simple that the whole device is well built with robust configurations but it’s too expensive and might not be available for less than 40 – 50 K INR as e come to know. But the price may not initially decreases, it may take few months for lowering its price and people of lower income might not be adjustable to the device price. So, I would only give it cons which are too expensive.
IS Galaxy Note 4 Water Proof and Dust Resistant?
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is water resistant and also dusts proof to save itself from water and dust form all time.


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