Thursday, July 13, 2017



Generally ,we think working of ac deal with the collection of hot air and pumping of cool air, which is a wrong assumption actually ac doesn’t  pump cool air rather it just circulates the air in the room.


Ac working generally consists four series of steps:

  1. Evaporation
  2. compressor
  3. Condenser
  4. coolants
1)evaporation :usually first step involve in collection of hot air gas in the room-usually hot air is less denser than cool air so it is present on upper layers of the room. the air puller of AC which are present on the  top ,collect the hot air.these hot air then evaporated nothing but increasing in temperature. 

2)Compressor: compressor is major part of ac which consumes more amount of power  and reason for major portion of main work is to compress the hot air collected from the room.thus temperature of the air increases.this involve in high consumption of energy .the compressor consumes about 70% of AC power utilization .controlling the compressor involve of saving the power.

3)Condenser:this step involve  in cooling of air by the surrounding air .as the air from compressor output consists of high temperature air ,it temperature is greater than the surrounding air temperature .thus, the surrounding air is used to cool the hot air from output of the compressor .

4)coolants:coolants are nothing but the chemical agents used to cool the hot air.these coolants usually are CFC’s and ammonia  etc..these coolants are cause for ozone depletion .the output of this stage is usually the cool air we get from ac through filter.

Now ,when you see the working of an AC we don’t see any type of air circulation.thus,when we use AC for a long time the oxygen levels of the room are decreased .thus, leading suffocation and ill heath.thus,using of AC should be properly checked .


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