Friday, July 7, 2017


How do we calculate power consumption for ac:

Usually, ac are purchased/advertised as 3  or star 1 ton or 1.5 ton ac. now lets calculate power consumption . 
The representation 1 ton=12,000 BTU 

where BTU is British thermal unit –it is amount of power required to melt one pound of solid ice to liquid water. 

1 BTU  1 watt
Lets calculate of 1 hour
Thus an 1 ton ac consumes 1.5 kw per hour
If we use it for 6 hour daily then 1*6=6kwh
1kwh=1 unit.
To calculate total number of unit utilized by an AC(using 8hr daily) is obtained by
                                1*8*30= 240 units
Usually 1unit may be of 3 rs/- or 6rs/-,if it is a commercial line it is 9rs/-.
Multiply the amount of units by 1 unit amount .
Thus the amount obtained is the bill for that particular AC.

Methods for controlling power consumed by AC:

1)use of inverter ac-these ac maintain constant temperature in the room.once the temperature reaches to required level  it reduces the speed of compressor fan .which decreases max amount of power consumed.

2)clean the ac filters regularly at least twice a cleaning ac filter it increase filtering of air which increases fast cooling.

3)use of heavy folded curtains and thermal insulated materials for windows and doors.

4)switching off fan while ac is on –when we switch on the fan it pushes hot air down where ac pull in air from top of it, max hot is not taken at time ,thus increases in time for cooling which in turn increases power consumption.

5)  ac cooling capacity depends on the environmental  condition of that area .where there  are high  surrounding temperature ,cooling of collected and compresses hot air  by surrounding air is reduced thus time taken to cool the room increases, thus power  


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